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Donation Scheme
Donation Amt.
Student Sponsorship (for 1 year 1 child)
Rs. 10,000/-
Pre Primary Training Camp
Rs. 10,000/-
Workshop for disabled by experts
Rs. 10,000/-
Assessment Camp (for 1 Camp)
Rs. 10,000/-
Angle recorder
Rs. 8,000/-
Hearing Aid
Rs. 4,000/-
Equipment scheme (for 1 child)
Rs. 2,000/-
Low Vision Kit
Rs. 2,000/-
Braille Kit
Rs. 1,000/-
Braille book (for 1 book)
Rs. 1,000/-
Listening Aid (for 1 set)
Rs. 650/-
Education kit
Rs. 700/-
You can also give donation under CRS-2013 Act.
Rupees 500 and above donation is eligible for 80-G Certificate

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 Online Donation

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